GF offers monthly promotions to help your business grow

Volume Discounts

Volume discounts designed to promote the best products and value for your salon.

  • Free and discount product for purchases.
  • Introductory products and sample sizes.
  • Deep discounts on complimentary products.
  • Assorted deals with product lines and discount irons, capes, brushes and more.

Volume Discounts

Retail Display Packages

Retail Display Promotions provide the right product mix at the right price for your salon.

  • Discounted assortment of leading product lines.
  • Product literature.
  • Pricing guidelines.
  • Marketing materials.

Retail Display Packages

Stylist Samples

Discounts on stylist samples so you can get hands on experience with leading product lines.

  • Stylist promotional packages.
  • Exclusive introductory offers on new products and sample packages.
  • Product literature and pricing guidelines.
  • Custom stylist sample packages.

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